Frequently Asked Questions - Cloud Access

FAQs - Cloud Access

All of our clients are responsible for purchasing a BackBlaze subscription for themselves if they wish for off-site backup. The average cost for a 20 user company is under $125.00 per year. Then the client liason and our backup engineer design a backup plan that best fits the companies need. By you owning your backup you have complete control over your data.

We always say that our clients own their data, and it is even spelled out in our agreement. Therefore, clients can download all their files and folders anytime they like, 24/7. You may access your files even through a mapped drive on your local PC. Other types of data like email are very portable since we use Exchange servers, and other cloud providers will simply do an email migration. Application data like SQL databases can be easily provided on an external hard drive or, if the client has good internet bandwidth, they can download it wherever they want. We only use enterprise technologies that are commonly used.

Your data will always be stored in the U.S. All data resides in data centers within the US and currently our Data Center is in Charlotte, NC near the airport.

Clients always have access to their data. If the company fails we have provisions in place like the clients BackBlaze backup account to ensure clients will always be provided a copy of their data.

Our cloud services do require a contractual agreement if you have less than 100 users. We offer 1, 2, and 3 year agreements and often times will guarantee you the price of your agreement for the lifetime of your account.

Occassionally Microsoft will increase the price of Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility and Security E3 licenses and we pass that cost on the client. However most of the time, outside of Microsoft increases, guarantee you your price for the life of your account.

All incidental costs are covered in the Appendix section of our agreement. They include things like additional software installation on cloud servers, increases in cloud storage, etc. Also things like additional projects after the initial cut over will be covered under a separate agreement with additional costs, this could be like adding WiFi to a location, moving hardware, etc.

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